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The site is the brainchild of Swedish online gaming veterans, and has been developed over a number of years by some of the brightest minds and creative talents in the industry. The result is a sleek and intuitive site offering players a variety of live dealer games including blackjack and roulette from the likes of NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. The games are streamed from a number of dedicated studios, and include the Codeta branding and a number of fun themes. Codeta plans to carve out a name for itself as a pioneer and leader in live table games, but also has a selection of other table games and slots from IGT, Microgaming and others. The site is available on desktop, and has also been optimized for play on mobile and tablet devices, both Android and iOS. Codeta CEO Edward Ihre, said: "We are thrilled to have launched in the U.K., a key market for us as we look to grow our footprint in Europe and internationally. We have a brilliant product and brand identity, and we are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Our take on online casino is simple; there is a lot more than just slots, free spins and bonuses. Live casino offers players a fully-immersive experience, with table games providing unrivaled excitement and authenticity.

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The decision to cooperate with Seqr was easy. Seqr makes the customer experience much simpler and more effective, and together we can offer the users interesting incentives. On top of that, there is the ability to reach existing Seqr users with our mutual offers, which are very attractive". "The reason why Seqr decided to step into iGaming now, is a matter of timing," says Peter Fredell, CEO at Seamless. "When Seqr was launched 4 years ago, the strategy was to approach the physical everyday merchants, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, fast food chains, parking etc., in order to create a Seqr user base before approaching niche industries such as iGaming. As we have reached that goal with Seqr established in 16 countries, the timing is right to break into the iGaming industry as well". The iGaming industry turned over 35 billion USD in 2013, and is expected to grow to 56 billion USD in 2018 (according to This industry is a potential contributor to Seqr's existing business. Since early December, the campaigns jointly carried out by Seqr and Vera&John have surpassed all expectations, therefore both parties see a continuous long-term cooperation. About Seqr Seqr, the standard way to pay, developed by Seamless, is a safe, fast and easy way to pay by mobile. The only thing the user needs is the Seqr app to scan a QR Code or tap on the NFC terminal.

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